Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cursing a Blå Streak.

Flerm! Florgen! Liilanglorp! (I ran out of English swear words while I was putting together my IKEA cabinet, and had to come up with some new ones.)

I'm not even going to get into how screamy and insane I got while hanging my new IKEA cabinet in the bathroom. We've all been there. All I'm saying is that I should probably have my mouth washed out with soap.

The good news is that my pal J and I went to IKEA today, and got all manner of housey-things. Our boss (who is clearly the best boss ever) drove us to IKEA, dropped us off and met up with us to help us load our heavy flat-packed boxes of frustration onto the trolley! What a guy! We plied him with meatballs in return, but I think J and I got the better deal.

J bought herself a couple of Expedit shelves to help organize her yoga area. We were looking at an 8-shelf one, but when we went to load that sucker on the cart it turned out to be HUGE! She settled on two 4-shelf units, instead. WAY easier to move, and a lot more flexible if she wants to repurpose them in the future.

I bought the aforementioned cabinet, a sink, a faucet, white towels, a ceiling light for the bathroom, hangers for the entryway, two shoe racks, a picture frame...quite the spree. Luckily, I had gift cards from Christmas, thanks to my dad and to my stepmom, and I put them to good use.

I haven't put my sink cabinet together yet, as I try to limit myself to one outright conniption per day. And until my flooring arrives and I install it, there's no rush. Tomorrow I'll get an early start and prep my foyer for painting. Not too keen on the painting itself, but I'll be really happy to get my new entryway system up and running. Can't wait to show you...stay tuned! For now, here are the photos of my new cabinet and my freshly staged bathroom shelves. ("Freshly staged bathroom shelves?" What have I become?!)

Lillangen cabinet.

Staged shelves. The blue DKNY towel was a HomeSense find. 


  1. Oh Ayns. I'm glad your project is coming along well but this complete de-stripping of your personality is saddening too.


  2. I'm focusing on just how much personality my future house will have! (Too much too handle!)